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Photo of Greece's flag

Greece: Thessaloniki I: Moving towards the centre ground
The leaders of the government and the opposition set out their economic stalls at the annual Thessaloniki trade fair. Alexis Tsipras's agenda reflects a move towards the centre.


Image of Venezuela’s flag

Venezuela: No new vote
The inability to hold new elections in the event of a recall vote means that the political transition will be chaotic.


Map of Hong Kong

HK: Housing project row
The scandal over delays to the Wang Chau housing project could have implications for the chief executive race next year.


Photo of Ireland’s flag

Ireland: Tensions
The Apple tax ruling triggered coalition tensions. We expect the government to fall by the end of 2017.

Middle East and Africa

Photo of cheque

Kuwait: Fiscal plans
Kuwait's plans to continue capital spending are outstripping fiscal reform, meaning borrowing is needed.

Global issues

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Image of globe

World: EIU forecast
After years of deleveraging, some governments will propel their economies by higher public spending. Recent webcasts

Data and markets analysis

Russia: Income data
The fall in real disposable income deepened to 8.3% year on year in August, indicating that a consumer-led recovery is still some way off.

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